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Piano Lessons



The benefits of learning to play piano extend beyond simply gaining skill on the instrument – the fundamentals of music and music-making can foster growth away from the keyboard as well. Weekly lessons paired with sufficient home practice can increase focus, build discipline, boost critical thought and spatial reasoning, improve fine motor skills, expand peripheral vision, and much more.


My teaching philosophy places an emphasis on fostering the overall growth of students as well rounded individuals. Few who study piano have professional careers as concert pianists, but every student can gain an appreciation for music, an understanding of music-making as a social activity, and a personal love for the instrument.


My lesson model does not place emphasis on adhering to a particular series of method books. Instead, to give each student the best chance for success, the curriculum will be catered to the individual with a focus on reading music, fundamentals of theory, technical skill at the keyboard, and musicianship. While we may use method books, I may craft exercises or worksheets to be done at home or even assign listening on youtube. I also believe that a young child’s success depends heavily on participation by the parents. Parents of young children are tasked with encouraging good practice habits at home.



For a thirty minute lesson once per week I have two purchase options. A semester of twelve lessons is $300, or a month of four lessons is $120.


Lessons will be given at the historic Fulp House in downtown Kernersville. Once a lesson time is determined, it will remain permanent for the duration of the commitment. Rescheduling of lessons will only be considered if the request comes one week in advance of the regular lesson time. If I am unable to make a different time work, no refund will be credited. If I request to reschedule a lesson and the student is not able to make a different time work that week, a make-up lesson will be given at a later time.


If you are interested in studying with me, please reach out via the contact page and we can set up a complimentary trial lesson. I hope to hear from you!